Weigh day #13…unlucky for some?


Hey everyone πŸ™‚

Today was my 13th weigh in, unlucky for some but not for me! I usually weigh in on a Wednesday afternoon but i was on a training course most of yesterday so decided to weigh in today at the 11.30 group & i am very, very, extremely happy to report that i lost 2lb! Which also means that i got my 2 stone award as well as my Club 10 award (eeek 2 more certificates for my fridge, get in!) I am absolutely ecstatic as i’d had a pretty bad weekend so was expecting a maintain at best but it just shows that getting back on plan can really make a difference to your week and can really turn it around. I still find it so hard to believe that i’ve lost 2 stone (yep, me! Who’d have thought it ay?) and lost 10% of my starting body weight, it’s just amazing the difference being on Slimming World can make and to think that it’s only been 13 short weeks, it just makes me even more excited at the thought of where i could be in another 13 weeks time or where i could be by Christmas, i could be like a whole new person & that’s really exciting πŸ™‚

I can already feel so many changes both physically & mentally. I look at myself in the mirror each day and i can see myself that my body shape is changing and that it’s not as big as it used to be, i’m actually out today wearing a white tshirt (which is a double shock as i always avoid having my arms out & i usually avoid wearing white due to it’s delightful fattening effect) and i feel comfortable, 13 weeks ago there was no way you’d have caught me in anything less than a 3/4 sleeve and god forbid that i would actually feel comfortable! I just feel so much better in myself and can’t wait for things to keep getting better.

I also think the mental side of things is just as important (if not more) as how you think and feel can really affect you in so many ways, like i said i’m already feeling more comfortable in my own skin, now when i walk down the street i don’t keep my eyes on the floor in the fear of someone actually realising that i exist and then shouting out the word ‘fat’ or something else just as lovely, i walk with my head held high and i know that if anyone does have anything negative to say i can smile knowing the fact that i’m doing something about it, knowing that i am in control of changing my own life. 13 weeks ago i took the plunge and joined Slimming World which was such a big leap for me & even then i still didn’t believe in myself, i expected to try and fail (just like i think i will in everything that i do) but being on this journey has shown me that i can do it! I can & i bloody well will πŸ™‚


I can’t even imagine how many people out there are on the same journey as me and who are having the same experiences & feelings so i just want to say that no matter how you feel you are most definitely not on your own and i really encourage people to look in the mirror and find positive things about themselves and to just remember why they embarked on this journey & to remember how far they’ve come from that very 1st day.


The left picture was taken the day i started Slimming World & the right picture was taken on my 13th week.




How is everyone else feeling this week, any successful weigh in’s or good vibes they want to share?



Jade πŸ™‚

All girls love shopping…right?


Evening everyone πŸ™‚

I just thought i’d take this opportunity to have a little moan to you all. Yesterday me and my other half went for a quick look around town to get a few bits and bobs for our holiday (we’re going to wales in 2 weeks with the family) and i’ve gotta say, the shops are poor! I don’t know about you but with me i think i like the idea of clothes shopping more than the actual reality of it. As you may have already guessed by my being on Slimming World i am not a size 10 (or anywhere close to that to be honest) so the majority of my clothes are plus sized. If you’re in the same boat as me then you’ll know that only being able to shop in ‘plus size’ shops (well, sections in shops should i say) isn’t exactly fun! The clothing ranges are so limited, i really do think that there’s a big niche in today’s market that isn’t being filled as surely i’m not the only girl out there who can’t fit into primark clothes? Or who has a bum the size of Β Scotland? It really is depressing, i mean take New Look for example (pretty much the only shop in our town that actually stocks plus size clothing) first of all it takes you a good 20 minutes to find where that section is as they obviously enjoy completely changing the shop around every 3 seconds, then you finally find the joyous ‘inspire’ section which is obviously tucked away in a corner somewhere due to the dreaded fear that the clothes might touch the normal sized clothes (dun, dun, dun) which is a great way to make you feel isolated yet at the main focus of people’s attention all in one! I really do hate it, i shuffle around that section like i’m about to do a drug deal, it makes me feel so self concsious as it just draws to everyones attention that you can’t fit into the normal sized pretty clothes that fill the rest of the shop.

Then when i eventually think sod it and start to have a propper look i realise that it’s just rubbish, absolutely rubbish. No offence to New Look as i’ve always been a firm lover & shopper of their stores but who on earth designs the Inspire range? As i would assume it’s either a woman who probably weighs as much as my one leg…or a man. Maybe it’s just me on this one being totally crazy but if any other plus sized women are like me then they don’t particularly go shopping for sleveless vest tops & denim hotpants! I will be very honest and say that i hate my upper arms amd therefore will not wear anything that doesn’t have sleeves (and i’m not just talking about tshirt sleeves i mean 3/4 sleeves), my dear Mother constantly moans at me when it’s a red hot day and i’m wearing a cardigan or a shirt but i just don’t feel comfortable with my arms on show. My legs? Yeah, let’s just say i’m not going to be wearing anything that shows my thighs any time soon! So i just really don’t understand most of the collection and then even if i do on the rare occasion find something that i like i look at the tags and can’t tell what’s the price and what’s the barcode, it’s just all so damn expensive, not to mention the fact that they obviously think women want to walk around looking like they’re wearing a tent which is why i’m assuming the prices can be so high (as you’re walking around wearing about 3 extra yards of material that isn’t necessary).

I would just love to walk into a shop and see rows of pretty clothes in larger sizes that actually fit and look nice, is that so much to ask for? I really hope that other people agree with me on this one and that it’s not just me having a moan, i just wish that women who wear bigger sizes had more choice and felt more included within shops, i mean personally i would much rather all the clothes to be together and to just go up to bigger sizes rather than having to be in our own separate section where the clothes look nothing like those that you can see around the rest of the shop.

Over the last year or so i’ve fallen in love with the online shop ‘ASOS’ as they have a ‘Curve’ section which actually stocks pretty clothes that just happen to be in bigger sizes, i’m not going to tell you that it’s cheap because it’s no Primark but the prices can be quite reasonable and i would much rather pay Β£25 for a dress that i actually really like and that fits nicely too, also they have a free returns system which is great as if something you’ve ordered doesn’t fit or you don’t like it you can send it back for free for a full refund!

Wow, that ended up being quite some rant, whoops sorry for talking your ears off πŸ™‚

Is there any other plus size outlets that people use? Or favourite shops?



Jade πŸ™‚

Another naughty but nice weekend!


Afternoon everyone πŸ™‚

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend, i’ve really enjoyed mine. As i mentioned in my last post, i went out on Friday night for my Aunties birthday and i was actually really proud of myself as i had steak with a jacket potato and salad (i got called a saint by my Aunty as i didn’t even use the butter that came with my jacket, that’s 12 weeks & counting with no butter) and some synned salad cream & i stuck to my word and the only thing i drank was diet coke! It was a really fun night and since i drove it meant not having to waste money on taxi’s which is always good (and i suppose i also had the added benefit of not feeling like a zombie the next day).

Then on Saturday i got up, went to see some of my lovely family at a birthday party (it was a child’s birthday so of course me and my other half ended up on the indoor football pitch being run ragged by my football mad little brother) then it was round to my Nan & Grandad’s house for my Aunties birthday BBQ & we always, always have so much fun at their BBQ’s as it’s just a nice excuse to get the family round and have a laugh, if your family is anything like mine then you’ll know what it’s like, everyone has busy lives and it’s hard to see them as much as you’d like so it’s always a pleasure when everyone’s together πŸ™‚

Saturday was, well, let’s just say not too good syn wise! I started off thinking i’d be good, then i spotted the soft white rolls & the minted lamb burgers (then my uncle made it into a double burger, yum! I mean, whoops), then it was a rogue sausage that was calling my name, then my Nan’s trifle (my Nan is the trifle queen and you can not under any circumstances refuse her trifle, it’s just way too good!) but i mean apart from that, the rest of the food i ate wasn’t too bad as it was mostly just lean meat, that’s what i’m telling myself anyway (as i sit with my fingers & toes crossed in the hope that it won’t affect my weight). It really was a brilliant night though so i suppose the extra syns were worth it as i don’t do it all the time.

I absolutely love weekends like this that are filled with plans & laughter, it really is what life is all about!


Well, that’s been my weekend so far, so what has everyone else been up to?


Also, as promised, here is a before and after picture of me & my other half (who is also following Slimming World and has lost 1stone 13lb so far). The photo on the left was of us last year before we started Slimming World, so it’s basically what we looked like just before we joined (if anything we might have been a bit bigger than in the photo) and the photo on the right was taken on Friday night, i’m not really sure whether you can see a lot of difference so, lets see what you all think!


It’s not the best of comparison photo’s as we didn’t have any decent full length pictures on Friday, so this is the best i could do. I’d just like to say how proud i am of my wonderful partner for embarking on the Slimming World journey with me (i really had to convince her to come with me 12 weeks ago but now it’s the best thing she’s ever done) and i’m so happy that we can be doing it together as it’s so much easier when you have someone else’s help and support. I’m so proud of how far we’ve both come & i can’t wait to see how much further we can go!



Happy weekend everyone!



Jade πŸ™‚

Weigh day #12


Hey everyone πŸ™‚

So, yesterday was my 12th weigh in & i’m very pleased to report that after my 3lb gain last week, I came back with a 4.5lb loss this week! I feel brilliant, i’m so happy that i managed to lose my gained 3lb as well as a further 1.5lb, i really do feel chuffed as it just shows what sticking to plan can do! Because that is all i did, i stuck to plan, i had my syns & was so happy to get a loss. I now only need to lose 1/2 a lb to get my 2 stone (ohmygodohmygod!) and then a further 1lb to get my Club 10, i just honestly still can’t get over it, this just always seemed so far away, i remember at that 1st day at Slimming World thinking, i’ll never lose weight, i’ll never come as far as some of these women have but now, i’m one of them & i get to watch new people join and encourage them on their way πŸ™‚

I’m really hoping to lose at least 1.5lb next week so it’s gonna be another good week meal wise for me, wish me luck.


Here’s another little cheeky before & after shot, i’m hoping to get some pictures of me & my partner together over the weekend as we’ve got a photo of us from around a year ago where we both look…well….lets just say, not our best so hopefully i’ll get some good comparisons to post and show you all.



I’ve got a really fun (but still on plan) weekend ahead as i’m out tomorrow night for my Aunties birthday where i’m going to have steak, salad and a jacket potato & i’ve also decided not to drink alcohol as i’m not really that bothered by it in all honesty & this way means i can save syns and i’ll take my camera along with me to take some (hopefully) lovely pictures. Then on Saturday it’s my Aunties birthday BBQ where again i’m going to stick to lots of meat, potatoes, salad & pasta so should be a nice saintly weekend. I’m also planning on making a gorgeous frozen cheesecake from this months Slimming World magazine so if all turns out well that will be another post to come πŸ™‚


Is anyone else doing anything fun this weekend?



Jade πŸ™‚

A tasty breakfast & lunch!


I needed to write a blog post today to share these meals with you as i’ve had a very tasty Tuesday!

First up, for breakfast this morning i tried the magic oaty pancakes and oh my god they are amazing! I will definitely, definitely be making them again, they were so tasty & it was so nice to have something completely different for a change. They looked fab, I personally thinkΒ they’d be a great little weekend breakfast in bed type dish or perfect as a birthday breakfast πŸ™‚ I also love the fact that it made 7 pancakes! And to be honest i was surprisingly full from them, i mean, i couldn’t even eat it all (and just to be clear i’m like a bottomless pit so for me to be full from a meal is a really big win) so i ended up sharing them with my other half (who also loved them, get in!)

So, to make these little beauties, i started last night by mixing a toffee muller light yoghurt with my HeB 35g of oats and left in the fridge overnight then this morning i mixed in 2 eggs and 2 spoons of sweetener and fried in Frylight until golden brown (i made each pancake using 2 tablespoons of the mixture) and hey presto there you have it πŸ™‚ I served mine with fresh Strawberries, Raspberries & vanilla quark (oh gosh let me just stop here and tell you how yummy vanilla quark is, it’s so thick and creamy and is lovely and sweet & is only 5 syns for a 250g tub) I really loved this breakfast & can’t wait to have it again πŸ™‚



I also thought i’d share with you what i had for my lunch today. I’ve been fancying a creamy chicken pasta for a while now and kept thinking about making it so today i finally did. I took inspiration from a dish that was bought to our taster session a couple of weeks ago, one of the ladies had made a chicken and pasta dish with courgettes in a quark based sauce and it was really yummy so this is how i tried to recreate it…

I boiled up some fusilli pasta and a chicken breast until cooked whilst i sliced a courgette and half an onion and cooked on a griddle pan with a spray of Frylight and a shake of OXO garlic and herb Shake & Season until charred and soft. I bashed up one clove of garlic (sadly i still don’t have a Pestle and Mortar yet so i used a rolling pin & a cup, genius) and then put this in a saucepan with the onions and courgette and fried for a couple of minutes, i then added in the pasta, the chicken breast (which i’d chopped up) and my HeA of Lightest Philadelphia & a pinch of salt and pepper. Once it was heated through i served it in a big bowl & wow, another really tasty dish that i’m glad i tried, i’d definitely have this again too so all in all today has been a good day for new food πŸ™‚


Just to top it off i’m having a Roast chicken dinner for tea tonight, mmm (a nice superfree filled feast in preparation for tomorrow’s weigh in, eek wish me luck!).



What have you all been eating today? Or has anyone tried anything new?



Jade πŸ™‚


Another mexican meal post


So, after Wednesday’s weigh in and my 3lb gain i’ve vowed to stick to plan this week & stick to plan i have! Β I’ve had some lovely Slimming World meals so far this week and i thought i’d share a picture of my Chilli con carne (a definite favourite in our house). I’ve also made sure to be eating my 1/3 superfree all week so i had my Chilli with rice and a big bowl of salad (and some lasagne sheet doritos of course, mmm) and it was an absolute beauty!


This was my lovely salad that consisted of lettuce (romaine i think, which i used as cups to eat my Chilli from, nom nom), onions, tomatoes and a lovely yoghurt dip that i make by adding a finely chopped onion into some fat free natural yoghurt with a pinch of cumin, a tiny amount of mint sauce, some dried garlic and salt and pepper & it’s such a tasty accompaniment to so many dishes.



And this was the final dish (as you can tell i only do small portions..HA!) a big steaming bowl of Chilli con carne (i use the recipe from the Slimming World website) and rice with my yoghurt dip and big bowl of salad along with my beloved lasagne sheet doritos, just incase you’ve never heard of these you make them my boiling lasagne sheets until soft then cutting into shapes and cooking in the oven with a spray of fry light and some salt and pepper until they’re golden and crunchy & my god they are amazing! Seriously, go and make them….now!


On another unrelated note i took full advantage of the Β£5.00 Morrisons voucher this weekend! If you didn’t already know there was a Β£5.00 voucher in the Sun newspaper this week that could be used to buy fruit, veg and salad (with no catches & no minimum spend) up until today so we bought 2 newspapers & my father in law gave us another 1 so we got Β£15.00 worth of fruit & veg for 80p! I was absolutely over the moon, i mean come on, free! We all love a freebie and free fruit and veg is a Slimming Worlder’s dream πŸ™‚

Take a look at all the yummy goodies we bought with it πŸ™‚


Has anyone else had any lovely meals this week or done anything particularly saintly?



Jade πŸ™‚

Weigh day #11


Evening folks πŸ™‚

So, today was my 11th weigh in and i had a very expected gain of 3lb, as i’ve told you all before i’m terrible and weigh myself at home so i knew that it was coming and i know exactly where my gain has come from, lets just say a very good (i mean, erm, bad) weekend of beer, beer, a bit more beer, an indian buffet (drools), pizza, scratchings…i’ll just stop myself there shall i? So i wasn’t exactly shocked with today’s weigh in. I think sometimes even i forget that i’m only 21 (not 50 like i sometimes feel) and that this is supposed to be a time of my life where i’m reckless and irresponsible and can have a drink (or 6) when i want to, so i’m not going to beat myself up, especially as this is my 1st gain in 10 weeks! I’ve been thinking about it and i’ve decided that i don’t necessarily want to put my life on hold for the next year or even two years until i get to my target weight i want to live my life in the here and now so if every now and then i go out for a drink on the weekend or have some naughty food, so be it! I’m so over the moon with how far i’ve already come and i know that Slimming World does work so i know i will continue to lose weight (hopefully i’m not jinxing myself there, touches wood) and to be honest i’ve completely changed my lifestyle since being on plan so i can’t see that changing any time soon.

So i’m ready to get straight back on it from tomorrow, i’m determined to stick to plan a little better this week, plan and cook yummy Slimming World meals that i love and to just be a bit more conscious about my drink choices. Me and my other half are out again this Saturday but i’ve already been thinking how i can improve my syn intake by deciding that instead of my usual drink of choice (cider & black which clocks in at 9 syns per pint) i’m going to be drinking vodka with soda water and lime (2.5 syns) instead, so i can drink twice as much for half the syns, get in! I don’t feel upset about my gain as this weekend was great, i had fun and enjoyed myself so i’m happy with the choices i made however i am looking forward to being back on plan properly and not feeling any of that naughty food guilt (I know you all know what i’m talking about).

As well as the bad news gain wise i also had a lovely surprise when i measured myself this week as from different parts of my body i’ve lost a whopping 11 inches in total since around the 25th of May! And my darling Mother sent me some pictures from my birthday in March and boy, i think you can tell a difference πŸ™‚

So, here’s to a new week, a lovely beef chilli for tomorrow’s tea & hopefully a good loss next week, i hope you’re all having a great week and if not just remember that tomorrow is a new day and that you can’t change yesterday but you can definitely change tomorrow!



The picture on the left was taken on the 16th of April & the picture on the right was taken on the 27th of June, can you see a difference?



Jade πŸ™‚